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All Shades Of Me SET

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Reach for the colours of the All Shades Of Me collection and express yourself! YOU were our greatest inspiration when we were creating the latest fall collection. We know that your moods can change, and your beloved work can also give you a bit of a hard time sometimes. That is why in the All Shades collection you will find 12 gel polishes that will not only perfectly reflect your mood, but will also allow you to create the most fashionable looks in the fall season!

In addition to 10 basic gel polishes, the All Shades Of Me collection includes 2 limited colours - not available in regular sales - and a colour chart to paint it yourself with all 12 colours labelled.

See how All Shades Of Me colours will help you tell your exceptional story today!

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Color names:

  • Burak
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Kate Boss
  • Pan Gogh
  • B* Face
  • Mon Cinnamon
  • Toffee Coffee
  • Cashmirella
  • Monday Jetlag
  • Darkfluencer
  • Frankie Sinatra – limited edition
  • Monsieur Mood - limited edition

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